LOGOALPHA MULTI-INTEGRATED LIVESTOCK FARMS is a privately owned all-inclusive and integrated agricultural company situated in Isiata Farm Road, Imogu, Omagwa, Ikwerre Local Govt. Area, Rivers State of Nigeria where we use the latest technology, global best production practices and highly skilled professionals to produce natural(completely green) food to feed the nation and the world in general

We run a fully integrated system where the whole farm is run as a whole maximizing as much as possible the full value chain of our products employing automation in our production and husbandry to ensure high efficiency and quality of service.

ALPHA MULTI-INTEGRATED LIVESTOCK FARMS was incorporated on the 15th of August, 2014 RC: 1210339 with the sole intent of making variety of food and livestock products available and accessible to all at affordable prices while endearing profits to its stakeholders.

Our core competence are in poultry, fisheries and snail rearing where we have major investment however we also have extensive skill and experience in all round agricultural production as we have been involved with numerous agricultural ventures over time both on private basis and as government commissioned contractors and consultants.

The farm is a privately owned enterprise bank rolled and managed by a board of investors comprising of highly skilled individuals from various industries working together to deliver the most efficient agricultural and managerial expertise to position the company as the frontier for agricultural investment in this side of the country

We have a viable Sales and Marketing team managed by Mrs.Clara Ochonma who holds B.Agric (Tech) in animal science technology (FUTO). She has also undergone lots of professional courses on project management, commercial sales and accounting training to enable her manage investors funds and ensure maximum return on investment



To see a world where premium quality natural food is not considered a luxury but available to all where and when it is needed.

The Company heralded into the market with a vision to be a pace setting institution committed to quality products and staff excellence aimed at achieving customer loyalty and optimum returns.



The Brand mission is to be a highly referenced, efficient, courteous and innovative agro Company that combines modern technology with technical competence to foster an enduring partnership with our customers.


We are driven primarily by our love for people and their happiness Hence we spare no expense making the most basic of human needs (food) available and accessible to all. There is no happiness in food insufficiency or high cost of living. Today in Nigeria and Africa as a whole, despite being blessed with enormous agricultural resources, a lot is wasted with our negligence and over dependence on importation hence stifling local production.

We believe no country can have a sustainable economy built on 80 percent imports and just 20 percent exports as we see in Nigeria today. Primary amongst man’s need for survival is food. We believe the least we can do as a country is to produce what we eat. This will be our first step to true economic growth and financial liberty. Hence we have chosen to be part of the solution rather than just complain about the problem by going into agriculture and we dare say that our successes over the years has alluded to the fact that that decision was one worth taking.

Hence we would like to have more and more companies in Nigeria invest in agriculture on an enterprise scale so that our economy can become more agro tilted and balanced. Like we would always as long as people eat, we will feed



Alpha Multi Integrated Livestock Farms Limited (RC 1210339) is a limited liability company. The company was incorporated on the 15th of August, 2014 under the companies’ act of 1986 offering investment services in the field of commerce. The Managing director Mr.Chima Inyama and the farm manager Mr. Ethelbert Alugbue  runs the company from their corporate head office located at Isiata farm Road, Imogu, Omagwa, Ikwerre Local Govt Area, Rivers State

The company is currently structured to cater for the following:

  • Poultry Products

  • Fish Farm

  • Snail Rearing

  • Whole Sale and Retail of Local and Foreign Feeds

  • Fertilizers

  • Supply of day old chicks




Our strength as a group lies primarily in our diverse people and their limitless capacity to bring their passion to bear on the development and delivery of innovative products and services, creating an excellent customer experience to deliver timely and bespoke solutions for our customers. We have created a corporate culture founded upon strong organizational values and performance-driven operating standards.

We derive our strength from our unique positioning which include:

  • Quality and Innovation: Most of the initiatives are designed keeping you in mind. The Company leaves no stone unturned to identify your needs and concerns about quality poultry meat. With significant investment of resources, the firm ensures everyone right from farmers and suppliers to employees are well trained to maintain the highest of quality and hygiene factors.

    With a vision to build great brands that are well accepted and appreciated, the company is constantly bringing you innovative products. The Company’s efforts are well synchronized to offer you meaningful products that provide complete value, convenience and satisfaction.

  • Large Farm and strong liquidity: These enable us to play at the top end of the all the markets we operate. Our large farm means we are always the farm to go to for big ticket transactions across Rivers State. Our capacity is shown in the many big ticket transactions we have been involved.

  • Experienced Management: The company’s management team is well experienced, having long years of experience in both the agro industry and beyond.  The Management team is also consistently exposed to the best training both locally and abroad to ensure that they are always abreast of developments in the highly dynamic agro industry.

  • Strong risk management: The extensive nature of the Company’s operations means that farm adheres strictly to the best risk management practices. The farm currently has one of the lowest death ratio in the agro industry, a testimony to the firm’s sound risk management process. The farm has in a place a strong operations management process that ensures that all risks are adequately covered.

  • Diverse customer base: We serve diverse customers across different national, cultures and languages cutting across all strata of businesses and persons. We are suppliers to leading large corporates, as well as small business owners. We also serve high net worth individuals (HNIs) as well as retail customers.


Alpha Multi Integrated Livestock Farms Limited largest and most valuable asset today is its people -50 employees. Every member of the Alpha family works towards the vision of being a pace setting institution committed to quality products.
A multifaceted and talented workforce who brings cutting edge perspectives to practice, Alpha Multi Integrated Livestock Farms Limited believes in the potential of its people, be it farmers, traders, veterinarians, management, finance, agricultural or engineering professionals.

This strong employee base grows and prospers along with the company through endless opportunities for learning and self-development that play major role in shaping the careers and lives of many people. The Company’s vast infrastructure provides employment to skilled and unskilled workers and professionals from urban, semi-urban and rural areas. The firm’s strong belief in promoting employees from within the organization has ensured good career succession plans and growth opportunities for people with basic educational qualifications who have developed their skills and knowledge on the job. Today, several people in the middle and senior management have risen from within the ranks.

Every individual is focused on modernizing the industry to ensure the company becomes a giant in the poultry industry. Alpha Multi Integrated Livestock Farms Limited employees are proud of the fact that they are part of an organization that has benefited thousands of farmers and has created employment opportunities for many more people.

Alpha Multi Integrated Livestock Farms Limited has also provided employment and assured income to thousands of farmers with its contract farming. Farmers receive assistance at every step, ensuring that they are at zero risk with regards to price fluctuations and market conditions. With incentive programs, farmers are constantly encouraged to perform better.



Ever since inception, Alpha Multi Integrated Livestock Farms Limited has made social responsibility initiatives a major part of its core values. The social responsibility initiatives today reflect conscious efforts to transform the economic and social development of our host environment. Every business activity undertaken has been and will always be linked to this vision. Alpha Multi Integrated Livestock Farms Limited’s employees share this vision and contribute towards it actively.

Taking forward the core values, a host of initiatives have been put into action. From instituting rewards to school toppers as part of educational programs, to providing aid for motherless babies home, government schools and hospitals, Alpha Multi Integrated Livestock Farms Limited is undertaking a wide range of socio-economic, environmental, educational and health initiatives.

Improving the quality of life of employees, their families, as well as the local community and society at large is a promise that the company aims to fulfill in the long run. Since health is an important issue, it believes in initiatives such as conducting motivational programs for children in orphanages, eye check-up camps, blood donation camps, and artificial limb donation.



Alpha Multi Integrated Livestock Farms Limited vision has made it a leader in the Nigerian poultry industry. The Company’s constant endeavor to deliver high quality products has resulted in it becoming a household name.
This success has only inspired us to seek out more quality partnerships. With the intent to offer the best products to a large network of farmers and delight consumers with every bite, the company is constantly identifying partners it can build lasting relationships with.

If you are a trader, supplier or someone looking to set up your own business through franchisee models, Alpha Multi Integrated Livestock Farms Limited is your call for success and growth. Having grown to a major company, the company’s appetite for growth has only increased. Come be part of this success story and grow with Alpha Multi Integrated Livestock Farms Limited


…………………………………..Life is Green !!!………………………………